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Fat cells fun facts

Fat cells are also known as Adipose Tissue cells or Adipocytes. The cells main function is to store Lipids (fat) as a reserve of nutrients, padding and insulation.

The number of fat cells in your body is created during childhood and adolescence. The more Adipose cells on a human body during this time, the more will be on their body as an adult.

Did you know that overweight and obese children add new fat cells at twice the rate as a child in a healthy weight range?

True story.

That is why 75% of children who have excess fat, are adults with excess fat.

Research shows that an abundance of fat cells leads to a deficiency in the hormone leptin; their main job is to keep the appetite in check. In other words, the more Adipose tissue you have, the hungrier you can get.

As adults, the number of fat cells that we have do not change, however the volume of fat stored in each cell can change. Each year, between 8-10% of our Adipocytes (fat cells) regenerate but the quantity will not change unless all current cells are at their maximum capacity for storage, then they will need to multiple.

By losing weight, your fat cells are just getting smaller. Not disappearing. Burning fat, unless your’re cooking, is not technically possible. Shrinking fat is. To avoid the whole process in the beginning, it starts as children. Less fat on children means less fat on adults.

None of this should deter you, as children with extra adipose tissue cells can grow up to live in a healthy weight range. It is equally as important to note that no matter how many Adipocytes one human has, the only thing that really matters is how much is being stored in each one.

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