Who else wants to get HIGH with me everyday?!


This is perfect for those who:


* Want to have a solid workout program to follow


* Need flexibility with WHEN and WHERE they do a workout


* Want to join a online community to share their journey with


* Cannot afford or commit to online (or offline) coaching


* Just want to workout, FEEL GOOD and GET FIT


Coach Cats Daily High is for...


* MUMS who want to get fit in their home


* LEGENDS who need a program to follow in the gym or at home


* NEWBIES that want to start but dont want to go to a gym


* ROOKIES who want to build their fitness level and get physical results


* VETERANS that need a solid program to follow and keep them going


* BABES who want to get abs and be able to do a pistol squat


* DUDES who want to feel strong and confident in their body


* ANYONE who is willing and ready to give it a red hot go!


DAILY HIGH includes:

* Daily programming including recovery days

* Video demostrations of each workout

* Online community to share results, ask questions and get feedback

* Program delivered through an app that tracks weights, times and progress


Everyday your video demonstrations will be put on a private facebook group where you can see progressions and regressions to every movement (harder and easier versions).


All of this for ONLY $8.99 A WEEK!!!



    Everyday there is a new workout, programmed in blocks of 6 weeks for you to complete. There is a weighted and a bodyweight version, giving you the option to complete the workouts at home with no or minimal equipment or at the gym.

    Progressions and regressions of each exercise is given, meaning that anyone from beginner to more advanced people can all participate.

    This program is delivered via an app with video demonstrations being on a private facebook group. The app has the capabitlites for you to record your times, weights and progress so you can see your fitness progress as we move through the program.


    Once you join, you get access to our facebook page where the workouts are uploaded each day. You are encouaged so post in there, ask questions and give feedback to everyone else on this journey with you.