• Cat Walker

Practicing gratitude


I’m not a religious person, I don’t believe in any greater force other than what’s scientifically proven nor do I think there is a force more powerful than what is inside us 🙌🏽 What I do believe in though is being grateful or praying, in one form or another. By that I mean saying out loud what you’re grateful and thankful for, who you wish love upon, what you need guidance in and finding words to reflect emotions that you’re currently feeling.

Sometimes being made to think about the positives and saying them out loud is all you need to realise that actually your day wasn’t so bad. We’re told to get grateful journals, write down a list and to me that’s too much (I’m not a pen to paper kinda person so saying it out loud and talking about it works for my personality) but however you gotta do whatever works for you. Taking the time to talk to yourself and say these things out loud can change the way your brain functions, sooner rather than later you’ll automatically see the positive in each day and then all of a sudden life doesn’t seem so bad. If you have an issue - say it out loud and talk about ways to fix it. Your brain will then start to fire up to solve the problem because that’s what it does best.

Life is after all just a series of problem solving day after day week after week year after year. It’s how we solve those problems that makes us who we are today ☺️💗🙏🏼 

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