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Detoxify your life in 4 simple steps

In the world we live in now we are surrounded by toxins, chemicals and other harmful substances that are constantly being absorbed into your body. These chemicals and toxins can be absorbed through skin or digested through food, water, plastic containers, products plus many other avenues. Toxins can cause many issues ranging from disrupting your hormone levels, killing the good bacteria that keeps us healthy, it doesn't let our body absorb any enzymes that our body requires for normal functions and it also blocks the absorption of vitamins and minerals. This all makes it impossible to have a healthy level of good bacteria in the gut and as we know that can lead to ALL sorts of issues. 

Here are some simple ways that you can detox your life easily. 


Every single product you touch or use is being adsorbed by your biggest organ, your skin. Now go and read the ingredients of your handwash, do you really want all those chemicals making their way into your system to cause havoc? Didn't think so...

It is SO easy to change all your products to only use organic, toxin - free products, there are many shops to get everything you could ever need, even Woolworths is starting to stock chemical/paraben free shampoo and handwash. My favourite online store is NourishedLife, I get all my products from there. 


Is it just me or does it sounds totally CRAZY to PUT extra chemicals in our water?? I love a good conspiracy as much as the next person, but at what point does common sense prevail and we all realise that this is absolutely insanity?! Anyway.. some facts for you. 

Water is full of fluoride and contray to popular belief, that is NOT a good thing.

Here are some fun facts about fluoride;

Skeletal fluorosis is a condition resulting from drinking fluoride. The liver is unable to process fluoride and it passes into the bloodstream where it connects to the calcium that’s been leeched from the skeletal system thus results in Skeletal Fluorosis aka weak bones.

Fluoride not only weakens bones, but cartilage too resulting in Arthritis. Some more fun side effects from consuming fluoride are that is messes with your hormones, it is toxic to thyroid cells and it can also cause kidney damage. I could go on but I will stop there....


Eating organic does not mean you are a tosser, nor does it mean you will be paying $20 for a bag of carrots. Go to your local farmers market and buy the produce that hasn't been sprayed with a ton of chemicals and pesticides. Not only are you giving back and supporting the Australian community but you are guaranteed to get good, cheap, organic products without the 'Bondi Hipster' pricetag.


Its starting to catch on that the plastic containers that we keep our food in is BAD for us. Most places will now sell BPA free containers but if you want to take it one step further - get glass containers. They will last longer and there is no chance of any sneaky chemicals leaking into your food. The same goes with water bottles, its very easy to pick up a plastic and BPA free water bottle, my suggestion is to get a 2ltr bottle so you can keep track of how much water you are drinking per day. 

Love Cat xx

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