• Cat Walker

As your coach


As your coach I do not care how fit you are. I do not care if you haven’t exercised in weeks nor do I care about your string of excuses as to why you’ve fallen off the bandwagon. I do not care if you’ve been tired, sick, busy or if the dog ate your exercise pants. Nor do I care about your 27 reasons as to why you think that exercise isn’t a priority. What I DO care about is how hard you try. How much you dedicate yourself to me during our sessions. How much you take on board what I tell you and implement it into your life. I do care about your effort and if you’re giving me 100%. What I do care about is if you’re making your health and fitness a priority and not giving me excuses each time I see or hear from you. 

So stop waiting to be fit to get help. Your trainer doesn’t care if you can’t do one single push up, but they will care if you stop or give up before you even try. So don’t give up. Let tomorrow be the day you start and don’t stop, no matter what excuse you want to think of it won’t be the one to stop you being the healthiest and fittest version of you.